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Chandra Gill, Ph.D.


Dr. Chandra Gill is the author of Champions Break Chains. Dr. Gill is the founder and CEO of Blackademically Speaking®, a company dedicated to developing motivational content, products and services, innovative philosophies and cutting edge theories specific to education and schooling. Blackademically Speaking is committed to motivating and educating America’s youth for the global marketplace. As a scholar activist, Dr. Gill has exposed over 1,000 youth to opportunities at various colleges and universities. She has been featured as part of the United Negro College Fund’s (UNCF) Evening of Stars® annual program; this event was highly televised on major networks including WGN-TV and Black Entertainment Television (BET).

As part of the inaugural class for Bill Gates Millennium Scholar’s Program, she was one of Chicago’s first African-American public school recipients at the graduate level. Dr. Gill has received numerous honors and awards; she was inducted into Phi Delta Kappa with high honors, after receiving her Ph.D. in Educational Policy Studies. Most significant to Dr. Gill are her humble beginnings of growing up on Chicago’s south side in the Woodlawn community. Solely attending Chicago Public Schools, she is a proud alumnus of Lindblom Academy, located in the heart of Chicago’s Englewood community.

Dr. Gill’s was recently selected for NBC’s, TheGrio’s 100 list. Today’s Chicago Woman Magazine recently tagged her as 1 of 100 Women to Watch. Being selected amongst such lists further validates her national presence, purpose and relevance. She most recently received recognition as one of Chicago’s Top 40 Game Changers. Dr. Gill has served as a radio personality with Chicago Public Radio ( and WVON, the city’s only Black-owned radio station. As the author of Champions Break Chains, she continues to speak for countless schools, churches, social agencies, Ivy League universities and prisons.

As a premier educator & captivating motivational speaker, she has spoken to national and international audiences alike. Viewed by many as a premier scholar, educator and the new civil rights leadership, she is regarded as one of America’s most prolific orators. Dr. Gill speaks to inspire, influence and instigate change. She is concerned and passionate about America’s educational challenges. Dr. Gill believes that her experiences as a product of Chicago’s inner city are organically connected to her life-long work; she has dedicated her life to curing America’s educational & societal ills, particularly amongst our youth. Her “Break The Chains Campaign,” provides youth across America the opportunity to here her wisdom & motivation while accepting a challenge to Break Chains of fear, failure & low-achievement. Dr. Gill, in essence, has launched an educational tour for schools, etc. providing a motivational experience unlike any other. On tour, she’s dedicated to addressing the plethora of challenges amongst our youth, thereby providing a framework of academic achievement and success.              

What the Bio Does NOT Say is This:

“Where I’m From”

Where I’m from young people stand on corners they do not own and frequent stores owned by others. Where I’m from churches overpopulate blocks as some of their own parishioners enter jails around the clock. Where I’m from school aint for fools-it’s just that the curriculum aint all that cool; In fact churches aint that bad – it’s just the community where we’re told to worship is sad~

I’m not ashamed of where I am from; I’m ashamed of what allows such places to exist. These places many call communities are threatened daily by socially evil forces. These socially evil forces many call spiritual are perpetually attacking the hearts, the minds and souls of a powerful people. These powerful people many have name-called over the years are the very people I now call on to:

Break the Chains!